Jaclyn and Toran’s Engagement Party

This past weekend I held an engagement party for one of my closest friends Jaclyn Betham and her fiancé Toran Caudell. As a woman, I have come to realize that my girlfriends are my pillars of strength. It is important to stand by each other, stand up for each other, and cherish one another in this often unforgiving society. Jaclyn is the kind of woman that I believe represents what my blog is all about. She is strong, independent, and walks with confidence and grace at the same time. She has always been there for me through the years, and we have remained good friends as our lives, relationships, and careers changed. 

Now, she enters a new phase in her life in which her partner will be her most important pillar of strength. The smile on her face says it all. I could not pick a more perfect man for her. The kindness and loyalty between them radiates and it is with honor that I was able to throw a party to celebrate their beautiful relationship. Love is choosing the highest good for the other person in all aspects and situations. This couple represents just this. They improve one another and motivate one another to be the best possible people they can be. They are a power couple, and I know we will be hearing a lot about both Jaclyn and Toran in the future. May we look to them as an example of not only love, but what friendship looks like. 


Cake by Susie Cakes. They will have a consultation with you and design whatever you like! Find them at: https://www.susiecakes.com.


At Michaels Arts & Crafts I found plastic champagne glasses and tied white ribbons around the base, and placed “I Do” stickers at the top.


Mr. & Mrs. Martinellis Covers to spruce up the bottles!


Table ideas for an Engagement party! One of the hits of the day were the fake diamond rings laying on all of the tables that guests could put on and take home!



Yummy fruit in crystal make for a classy way to serve food.


Making a collage of the couple-to-be with a thick white frame for signing or giving advice is a nice present for the couple as well as a way to include all of the guests.


The beautiful Couple



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